Parasols and garden umbrellas for sale in Kenya

We fabricate and install stylish and durable garden/parasol umbrellas to your outdoor spaces. We are fluid in our operations, in that, we engineer and install customized garden umbrella to meet your specific requirements. There are a variety of colors,sizes and designs for you to choose from.


Our parasol/garden umbrella shades pricing starts from Ksh. 45,000. This price varies depending on the fabric type, shade design and size. To lower our production cost, that inturn reduces the polycarbonate canopy shades' price, we've partnered with suppliers who provide us quality raw materials at relatively low prices.

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Common installation areas

Due to their visual appeal, garden/parasol umbrellas are commonly installed in outdoor spaces that need protection from harmful sun rays. The places include, but not limited to:

  1. Outdoor restaurant sitting area
  2. Balcony shade
  3. Garden shades
  4. Patio shade
  5. Pool side shade

Why us?

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Why install parasols/garden umbrellas

A lot of outdoor restaurants have garden umbrellas. Also, many people have garden umbrellas installed in the backyard. This is because of the benefits of garden umbrellas which include:

  • Provides shade from the sun
  • Adds to the good look of your outdoor space.
  • The shade it provides keeps the skin from harsh UV rays that causes sun burns and skin cancer
  • They are easy to clean with brush and mild soap.
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