Poly-carbonate canopy car parking shade installation in Kenya

We install high quality and visually appealing poly-carbonate car parking shade in a variety of outdoor spaces. Additionally, we design and install customized poly-carbonate sheet canopy/awning shade at any outdoor location to provide the shade you desire.

single polycarbonate canopy car parking shade
double polycarbonate canopy car parking shade
tripple polycarbonate canopy car parking shade
double tranparent polycarbonate car parking shade
single polycarbonate car parking shade


Our poly-carbonate canopy shades installation pricing starts from Ksh. 4,200 per square meter. This price varies depending on poly-carbonate sheet type, shade design and size. To lower our production cost, that inturn reduces the poly-carbonate canopy shades' price, we've partnered with suppliers who provide us quality raw materials at relatively low prices.

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coloured polycarbonate canopy shade in nairobi
white polycarbonate canopy car parking shade
translucent polycarbonate shade
multiple polycarbonate car parking shade

Common installation areas

Because of their visual appeal, polycarbonate canopy shades are installed at building entrances. Also, it provides shelter from rain and harsh sun rays. Other areas where shade sails are commonly installed are:

  1. Car wash
  2. Schools
  3. Swimming pool areas
  4. Universities
  5. Pubs
  6. Outside offices
  7. Hospitals
  8. Hotels
  9. Stairways
  10. Cross-over bridges
  11. Bus stations
  12. Glazed walkways
  13. Bus Shopping centers
white polycarbonate canopy shade in nairobi
silver polycarbonate canopy car parking shade
polycarbonate shades in Kenya

Why us?

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green poly-carbonate canopy awning
blue poly-carbonate canopy awning
sky blue poly-carbonate canopy awning
grey poly-carbonate canopy awning

Why install polycarbonate canopy/awning shade?

Your decision to use polycarbonate sheet for your shade structure is definitely a right choice. The following are why polycarbonate canopy shades are more profound:

  • They are durable as they are highly resistant to weather elements such as high/low temperature, sunglight, rain and impact.
  • Lasts for many years without fading/discoloring because they are durable
  • Poly-carbonate sheets are lightweight, making it easy to trasport and install them anywhere, yet they are very strong and durable.
  • Poly-carbonate sheets have an amazing light transmission that brightens the outdoor space without exposure to harmful UV rays.
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