Matmax Enterprise

Matmax enterprises is a private registered company in Kenya with its wide angle in supply, fabrication and installation of well crafted tents, shades , greenhouses ,vehicle loose covers etc.

Our vision

To become the leader in tent fabrication, installation and furniture supplier through our most innovative team work so as to achieve our clients requirements.

Our mission

To articulate innovations on designs to keep up with the latest trends and technology in order to deliver authentic and quality products to our clients satisfaction.

Our services include supply, fabrication and installation of:

  1. Car shades
  2. Party tents
  3. Sail shades
  4. Camping tents
  5. Canopies
  6. Green houses
  7. Garden umbrellas
  8. Camping chairs/ stools
  9. Camping toilets
  10. Tarpaulins
  11. Vehicle loose covers
  12. Pickup covers
  13. Hoods
  14. Hammocks
  15. Pergola
  16. Gazebo
  17. School chairs
  18. Beds
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