Car Shades Fabrication and Installation in Kenya

At Matmax enterprises, we design, engineer, fabricate and install high quality Car parking shades in Kenya for offices, homes, schools, malls, hospitals, car dealers and other large out-door parking areas. We provide Custom car parking shades which are custom designed to meet your specific requirements and made using high quality material.

single car parking shade
cantilever car parking shade
double cantilever car parking shade
multiple cantilever car parking shade
double cantilever car parking shade


Our car parking shades pricing starts from Ksh. 4,500 per square meter. This price varies depending on the car shade design. To lower our production cost, that inturn reduces the car parking shade price, we've partnered with suppliers who provide us quality raw materials at relatively low prices.

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Common installation areas

We install car parking shades at any location you want us. Car parking shades are commonly installed at:

  1. Car wash
  2. Schools
  3. Car parks
  4. Vehicle parking
  5. Swimming pools
  6. Roof tops
  7. Walkways
  8. Backyards
  9. Playgrounds

Why us?

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custom car parking shade
double car parking shade
multiple car parking shade
multiple car parking shade

Why install car parking shades?

Installing car parking shades is a wise investment decision. They protect our vehicles which are an, even greater, investment in the following ways:

  • Reduces heat build up in the car which destroys the car's interior upholstery
  • The gloss and shine of your car lasts more as it's kept from direct sunlight
  • Prevents the cracking of the dashboard as direct sunlight that makes it dry and thus cracks

Additionally, installing car parking shades in your company increases the image of your corporation(brand) and shows your clients, employees and everyone else that you care about them and their property thus increasing their morale.

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